Callback Materials for “Rock of Ages”

Below is the callback information/materials for “Rock of Ages”


Monday, August 28 / 6:30 – 10:30 pm at the Firehouse Arts Center
(4444 Railroad Ave., Pleasanton)

Tuesday, August 29 / 6:30 – 10:30 pm at the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Center
(4477 Black Ave., Pleasanton)


Callback Schedule:

Monday, August 28th

6:30 PM    SINGING
Drew, Sherrie
7:00 PM    SINGING
Justice, Jaxx
7:30 PM    READING
Drew, Sherrie, Jaxx, Justice
8:00 PM    DANCING
Drew, Sherrie, Jaxx, Justice, Dennis, Lonny
8:30 PM    RELEASE: Sherrie, Jaxx, Justice
SINGING: Lonny, Dennis, Drew
9:00 PM    READING
Lonny, Dennis, Drew


Tuesday, August 29th

6:30 PM    SINGING
Regina, Hertz, Franz
7:00 PM    SINGING
7:30 PM    DANCING: All
8:30 PM    RELEASE: Ensemble except Mayor and Ja’Keith
Regina, Hertz, Franz, Mayor, Ja’Keith


Please download and print the below callback sides for the role(s) you are called back for:

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